Wednesday, February 14, 2018

James Monroe Ray and Bettie Atkins

James Monroe Ray Family

Based on age and what I remember about the picture:

  • Top Row (L-R) James Wesley Ray, James Ray, Will Ray
  • Two Girls in White (L-R): Sara and Ida 
  • Bottom (L-R): Roy, Monroe holding Lillian, Granny Bet

James Monroe Ray was a son of Jasper Newton Ray and Sarah Irvin. He married Bettie E. Aikens were married on 31 Jul 1895. They had the following children:

1. James Wesley Ray was born on 17 May 1896. He died on 13 Jun 1980. He married Myrtice Lulu R. Pickle. They were my great-grandparents. This picture hung on a wall in their house.

2. James "Jeames" Ray was born on 12 Mar 1899.

3. William Ray was born in 1900.

4. Sara Ray was born on 02 Sep 1902.

5. Ida Ray was born in 1905.

6. Roy Reeth Ray[1] was born in 1907

7. Lillian Ray was born on 07 Sep 1911

Monroe and Bettie had another child named Linda. I was told that Linda died as an infant.
Linda Ray died as an infant. In the 1910 Census there is a six month old Annie in the house. This could possible be the child Linda.

Monday, February 12, 2018

David Pickle, Company L 43rd Mississippi Infrantry

David Pickle was child of Robert Pickle and Sarah Aldridge of Monroe County, Mississippi. David was born September 2, 1833 when the Pickle family were living in Fayette County, Alabama. David married Francis J. Carter on October 8, 1857.

David enlisted in Captain S.J. Gholson's  company of Confederate volunteers on April 30, 1862 in Athens, Monroe County, Mississippi. The Gholson Rebels became Company L of the 43rd Mississippi Infantry Regiment. David was on roll in February, April, and June of 1863. The company, including David, was surrendered to Union forces at Vicksburg on July 4, 1863. By general order the entire company was furloughed for 30 days upon which time they were to report to parole camp at Columbus, Mississippi. On October 31, 1863 David was listed as paroled and absent without leave. A note at a later muster roll stated that be had been absent without leave since August 23, 1863. He apparently never returned to duty.

Children of David Pickle and Francis J. Carter:
Robert Pickle was born about 1859 in Mississippi
Florence Pickle was born about 1860 in Mississippi
Manerva Pickle was born about 1863 in Mississippi
Adella Pickle was born about 1865 in Mississippi
Mary Pickle was born on Unknown in Mississippi.

It has been reported that David married a Francis Jane Tyrone.  They had one child -  Andrew Woody Pickle, born 7/12/1867 in Aberdeen, Monroe County, Mississippi. He died April 23, 1930 in Bowman, Arkansas and was buried in Keller Chapel Cemetery, Green County, Arkansas. However, other researchers say that Woody was a son of Francis Jane Carter and David.

In 2018, David's wife is still identified as Francis Jane Carter by some researchers and as Francis Jane Tyrone as others. A Francis J. Pickle applied for a Civil War pension in Craighead, Arkansas.

David died in Craighead County Arkansas and was buried in Pine Hill Cemetery. Jane died in 1904 and was buried in the same cemetery.


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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Unknown Couple

Unknown Couple

When going through my mother and Daddy house I found a lot of pictures that I did not remember from my childhood. I assume that this picture came out of one of several family homes.

My first thoughts is that this comes from my grandmother Lurlie Green's house. It seems like I can remember this on the dresser in their bedroom. A bedroom that was positioned between the eating room and the living room and twas absent of any type of shutting door.

This could possibly Martin Luther Shewbart and Lillie Anthum Johnston. Daddy said Luther Shewbart was bald headed and sported a big beard and Lurlie looks a lot like this lady.

This picture was in a frame from maybe the 80's. It is not an original picture. It is on Kodak paper, so I think this is a picture of a picture in an oval frame.

Please contact me if you know these people.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Children of Martin Luther Shewbart and Lillie Anthum Johnson (ca 1934)

          Front Row (Left to Right):
  • Leland McCullar: second son of  Noah Lacey McCullar  and Zella Shewbart, born in 1931. 
  • Noah Lacy McCullar ,Junior: first son of  Noah Lacey McCullar  and Zella Shewbart, born September 20, 1928
  •  Martin Luther Shewbart
  • Losene Shewbart
  • Lillie Shewbart
  •  Billy Green: second child of Lurlie Shewbart and Edward Green born November 12, 1930.
  • Mary Jo Green: first child of Lurlie Shewbart and Edward Green born March 30, 1928.
  • Evelyn Knight: first child of Bertha Shewbart and Burin Knight                                                 
    Back Row (Left to Right)
  •       Noah Lacy McCullar: Husband of Zella Shewbart
  •       Bertha Shewbart Knight holding Ethylene Knight, second child of Bertha and Burin Knight born in about 1934.
  •       Zellie Shewbart McCullar
  •             Lurlie Shewbart Green
  •       Edward Green: Husband of Lurlie Shewbart. He is holding R.L. Green, third child born June 17, 1932 to Edward and Lurlie.
  •       Myrtle Shewbart
  •       Maybell Shewbart
  •        Roy Shewbart.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Martin Luther Shewbart and Lillie Anthum Johnson

Martin Luther Shewbart was born on 20 Aug 1887 in Burless (probably Burleson), Franklin County, Alabama.  He was the son of James W. Shewbart and Mattie Harris. He died on 21 Sep 1962 and was buried at Williams Chapel in Winston County, Alabama. He married Lillie Anthum Johnson. She is believed to be the daughter of Charles W. Johnson and Rosa Catherine Stout. Lillie was born January 7, 1885 and died July 22, 1949. She is buried at Williams Chapel with Martin.

In 1917 the couple was living in Vina, Alabama with six children. Martin was recorded on his Draft Card as self-employed farmer.

It is said that Martin took his family to Winston County, Alabama when Roy was five years old. This would be around 1928.

Lurlie Anthum Shewbart was born on November 3, 1907.
Ann Zella Shewbart was born on June 4, 1909
Ora Shewbart was born on January 12, 1911.
Bertha Shewbart was born on August 16, 1912.
Belva Lou Shewbart was born on 13 Mar 1915.
Myrtle"Jewel" Shewbart was born Mar 8 1917
Mae Belle Shewbart was born May 1, 1920
Eva Odell Shewbart was born on 04 Aug 1922.
Roy C. Shewbart was born on 17 Aug 1923
Era Losene Shewbart was born on 11 May 1927

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Rigdon Ellehu Pickle and Aillian Fidelia Sally Lucrinda "Delia" Lochridge

Ellehu Pickle was born on October 30, 1863.  He was the son of John Hornsbeck Pickle and Martha Jane Irvin.  There are several spelling of his first name in the records. We will use the spelling on his tombstone in this work.

Aillian Fidelia Sally Lucrinda "Delia" Lochridge was born on 13 Oct 1863. She is thought to be the daughter of Marion County, Alabama farmer John L. Lochridge.

Ellehu and Delia Lochridge were married on 09 Dec 1886.  From census records we know that he was a rural mail carrier and in 1910 Delia was clerking in a store. The following list of four daughters was constructed using census records.

·      Jeffie Lula Pickle was born on 02 Sep 1887. She married Ernest Franklin Puckett on 17 Jun 1914. She died on 03 Oct 1951.

·      Berthie O. Pickle was born in Mar 1893.

·      Effie G Pickle was born in Oct 1889.

·      Burnie J. Pickle was born in 1901.

      Ellehu died in 1943 and Delia died December 22, 1950. They are buried in the Pickle Cemetery in Monroe County, Mississippi.


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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Robert Pickle, second child of Jacob Pickle

Robert Pickle

Robert was born in 1805 in North Carolina and he died on 24 Jul 1881 in Monroe County, Mississippi. Robert was the second child of Jacob and Catherine Pickle. He married Sarah Aldridge on September 21, 1824 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Sarah died September 6, 1888. Robert and Sarah are buried in the Bobby Pickle Cemetery in Monroe, County, Mississippi. They are marked by sandstone markers and for as long as I can remember somebody from my family put plastic flowers on their grave.

The following list of children was found in the Family Bible of Jacob Pickle.
I have unconfirmed reports that Robert and Sarah may have had another child. Janice Craft has reported that there was another boy named Joseph Pickle. He appears in the 1870 Monroe Census, but not the 1850 Census. She believes that Joseph was born in Mississippi in 1849. That would put him between Jerome and Wesley T. Pickle. However, he is not recorded in Jacob Pickle's bible records.

Catherine Pickle Born October 10, 1825
Susan Pickle Born August 18,1827
Jimy Pickle Born     About 1829.
Mary Pickle Born October 6, 1831
David Pickle Born September 2, 1833
Martha J. Pickle Born About 1835
Henry Pickle Born November 18, 1837
Jacob Pickle Born     November 15, 1839
Elizabeth “Betsey” Pickle Born  November 19, 1841
William R. Pickle Born September 17, 1843
Thomas Pickle Born October 16, 1845
Wesley T. Pickle Born      March 10, 1848
Jorome Pickle Born May 31, 1850
Sarah Emma Pickle Born September 3, 1853


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