Sunday, June 1, 2014

Children of Martin Luther Shewbart and Lillie Anthum Johnson (ca 1934)

          Front Row (Left to Right):
  • Leland McCullar: second son of  Noah Lacey McCullar  and Zella Shewbart, born in 1931. 
  • Noah Lacy McCullar ,Junior: first son of  Noah Lacey McCullar  and Zella Shewbart, born September 20, 1928
  •  Martin Luther Shewbart
  • Losene Shewbart
  • Lillie Shewbart
  •  Billy Green: second child of Lurlie Shewbart and Edward Green born November 12, 1930.
  • Mary Jo Green: first child of Lurlie Shewbart and Edward Green born March 30, 1928.
  • Evelyn Knight: first child of Bertha Shewbart and Burin Knight                                                 
    Back Row (Left to Right)
  •       Noah Lacy McCullar: Husband of Zella Shewbart
  •       Bertha Shewbart Knight holding Ethylene Knight, second child of Bertha and Burin Knight born in about 1934.
  •       Zellie Shewbart McCullar
  •             Lurlie Shewbart Green
  •       Edward Green: Husband of Lurlie Shewbart. He is holding R.L. Green, third child born June 17, 1932 to Edward and Lurlie.
  •       Myrtle Shewbart
  •       Maybell Shewbart
  •        Roy Shewbart.