Monday, December 24, 2012

John Green (1813)

John Green is believed to be the  son of John Green and Annie Gideon.  He was born in Jackson County, Georgia in about 1813. John married Winnie Dial on January 16, 1830. Winney was born in 1813 in Georgia. John and Winney had seven children before Winney’s death between 1849 and 1854. I have no record of John or Winney’s burial location.  After Winney’s death John married Lucity Goad. They had also had seven children. Note that John has a LDS File as does Winney.

Below is a list of the children of John Green and his two wives. The first seven children were by Winney Dial. The next seven were from Lucity Goad.

1) William T. Green, B: 1849 in Tennessee           
2) Winny Anna Green, B: 06 May 1832 in Tennessee
3) John Green, B: 1834 in Tennessee
4) Susanna Green, B: 1836 in Tennessee
5) Robert Green, B: 1838 in Tennessee
6) Patrick Terriel Green, B: 23 Feb 1840 in Tennessee
7) Martha J. Green, B: 1843 in Tennessee
8) Winfield Scott Green, B: 1854 in Claiborne County, Tennessee
9) Henry R. Green, B: 1855 in Lawrence County, Tennessee
10) Winnie Green, B: 1858 in Lawrence County, Tennessee
11) John Green, B: 1860 in Lawrence County, Tennessee
12) Luther Green, B: 1862 in Lawrence County, Tennessee
13) Margaret Green, B: 1865 in Lawrence County, Tennessee
14) Mary E. Green, B: 1869 in Lawrence County, Tennessee

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Patrick Terriel Green is my direct ancestor.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

How All Of This Got Started

Jacob Pickle, the eighth child of Robert Pickle married twice in his life. His first wife was Sinthia Irvin, daughter of Thomas Irvin and Sidney Towery.  Jacob and Sinthia were apparently married shortly after his return from Confederate service.  He was a member of Company L of the 24th Mississippi Infantry. Their first child was born in 1865.  On New years Day of 1877 Sinthia gave birth to a baby boy.  Within six days Sinthia was dead. Years went by and Jacob married the daughter of one of his Company L comrades in arms. John Hastens Blaylock’s daughter, Susan Elizabeth ,was 37 years old when she married Jacob.  This couple had one child. Myrtice Lula R. Pickle was definitely a late in life child for Jacob and Susan. Myrtice was my great-grandmother. She is the child in the picture. This picture had to be taken a couple years before Jacobs’s death in 1899. Mammy often told me the only thing she remembered about her dad was sitting on his lap. She was five when he died.

What she did remember about the old folks she shared with me when I started researching. She opened Jacob’s big thick musty smelling family bible to me and unlocked the information that served as a starting point for my Pickle research.  

We are not headed to the grocery store!

I thought this would be a catchy title. Actually this blog will contain genealogical information. For years I maintained my family research on the web at a Tripod website and a Geocities Website. I know longer even remember the passwords to those sites, so they are dormant on the web.

I have updated information that I need to share, so I created this blog.

Obviously two families from which I descend is the Pickles of Monroe County, Mississippi and the Greens of Lawrence County, Tennessee.

Below are families of interest:

From Monroe County, Mississippi and adjacent Marion County and Lamar County, Alabama:

  • Ray                       
  • Blaylock
  • Irvin
  • Ritter 
From Lauderdale County, Alabama:
  • Green
  • Dial
  • Killian
  • Richardson
From Winston County, Alabama
  • Shewbart
  • McCullar