Sunday, December 16, 2012

We are not headed to the grocery store!

I thought this would be a catchy title. Actually this blog will contain genealogical information. For years I maintained my family research on the web at a Tripod website and a Geocities Website. I know longer even remember the passwords to those sites, so they are dormant on the web.

I have updated information that I need to share, so I created this blog.

Obviously two families from which I descend is the Pickles of Monroe County, Mississippi and the Greens of Lawrence County, Tennessee.

Below are families of interest:

From Monroe County, Mississippi and adjacent Marion County and Lamar County, Alabama:

  • Ray                       
  • Blaylock
  • Irvin
  • Ritter 
From Lauderdale County, Alabama:
  • Green
  • Dial
  • Killian
  • Richardson
From Winston County, Alabama
  • Shewbart
  • McCullar

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