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John Hastens Blaylock and Family

John Hastens Blaylock and Family (ca 1894 and 1900)

Top Row (L-R): Uncle Bill Blaylock, Jim Blaylock, Andy Blaylock, Jake Pickle, Green Blaylock

Seated (L-R): Aunt Lilia Blaylock, Susan Pickle, Jane Aikens, John Blaylock, Lindy Blaylock, Clem Blaylock

The picture is a tintype from Myrtice Ray’s collection. Myrtice was my great grandmother and the daughter of Jake and Susan Pickle in the picture. Sometime around 1980 Myrtice identified all of the people in the picture for me. The names used in this pieces are the ones as given to me by Myrtice.

John Hastens Blaylock is thought to be a son of Robert Anderson Blaylock and Pheba Rimmer. He was born on July 1, 1824 and died May 17, 1904. He is buried in the Blaylock Cemetery located on the line between Lamar County, Alabama and Monroe County, Mississippi. John Hastens married Malinda Ray on August 24, 1848. Malinda, a daughter of David Ray and Susan Pickle, was born in January of 1827 and died on January 16, 1914. She is buried in Blaylock Cemetery.

The children of John Hastens and Malinda were:

1) Elizabeth Jane Blaylock                                   Born 1849
2) Greenberry Blaylock                                        Born 1851
3) Susan Elizabeth Blaylock                                 Born 1856
4) Johnnie E. Blalock                                           Born 1858
5) Nancy Catherine Blaylock                               Born 1858
6) Malinda Mary Ann Blaylock                           Born 1862
7) William Haston “Uncle Bill” Blaylock            Born 1866
8) James “Jim” Blaylock                                      Born 1868
9) Lela Clementine “ Clem” Blaylock                  Born 1870
10 Daniel Andrew “Andy” Blaylock                   Born 1874

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